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Wildflower Rituals

No. 1 Relax Bath Tea- Wildflower Rituals

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DESCRIPTION & BENEFITS 3 oz Ritual No. 1 Relax bath tea blend contains high notes of lavender and chamomile. Lavender is known for its aromatic warmth and richness and chamomile is a gentle herb and used for calming purposes. Epsom salts are blended into this herbal bath tea and have been used for soothing and muscle relaxation. SCENT & VIBE High notes of lavender and chamomile.  Warm, gentle & relaxing.  HOW TO * Add bath tea blend into reusable cotton bag and tie up * Hang filled tea bag under hot running water while your bathtub fills * Toss tea bag into tub to continue to steep * 3 oz bag is intended for 1 bath INGREDIENTS Epsom Salt, Himalayan Pink salt, Organic lavender essential oil, Organic lavender flowers, Organic chamomile flowers, Organic hibiscus flowers, Organic eucalyptus leaf