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Seattle Seed Co.

Tillandsia Air Plant Assortment (USA ONLY)

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SHIPPING TO USA ONLY - INTERNATIONAL ORDERS WILL BE CANCELED due to customs restrictions. Your supplier for healthy tillandsia (commonly called air plants.) We offer simple pricing and helpful info for you and your customers. Buy more and save! •A mix of sizes and varieties with suggested retail prices of anywhere between $5-$20 per plant! •Take-home care cards for your customers included with every order. •In-depth care guide for retailers included so you can keep the plants thriving in your shop. •Every plant comes PRE-TAGGED with the variety name and is retail ready. Price them however you prefer (signs, baskets, menu-style, stickers) and watch them sell. Each case of 24 plants includes the following species. We sometimes make small adjustments depending on availability. We will always make sure you are okay with any changes. -Bulbosa, Houston, Juncea, Caput Medusae, Schiedeana, Harrisii, Velutina, Capitata peach, Ionatha Guatemala x2, rectifolia Moonlight, Funckiana